Born and currently living in Luxembourg. I am a child of the 70-ies born under the star sign Aries :-) and a total mix of Italian, Belgian, French, Polish/Prussian, Luxembourgian and finally German (Yes I did my genealogy and I have a bit of blue blood too apparently). That mix apparently makes me perfection says one of our Drs at work, comparing me to the way they breed horses. Got me worried I tell ya!

Fluent in French, Luxembourgiish, German and English. Not so fluent in Italian but I get by.

Specialized nurse  (anesthesiology and intensive care ) since 1993, worked on and off in ICU, have been teacher at nurse/ specialized nurse school, have also worked in recovery room and now back in ICU. Our ICU counts 22 beds.

In witchcraft, I am a Priestess of Thoth, as well as of Inanna and Ereshkigal. Thoth, as the teacher and keeper of the akashic records is the perfect male deity for me as I love to teach and be taught. Inanna is a connection from the past which has resurfaced and is linked to sacred sexuality, but I won't delve any deeper into this on this page as it is slightly more complcated than can be explained in a sentence or two. My known priestess name is Seshat.

Craft-wise I do bead-work, a bit of knitting (hardly) and create things with stuff I find here and there. I excel in the kitchen though as I love cooking and baking, do my own cheese, yoghurts, breads etc when I am in the mood. I love to stay busy and also take many photos on my long morning walks, which I then throw on FB to annoy anyone who follows me :-)

I am also a healer (like Reiki) and I explain about it here but I will start learning Reiki techniques as it will help me somewhere else on my personal path. I intend to get all three degrees. I work with plants and aromatherapy, mainly on myself, but I can counsel people if they request it.

Used to broker 3D content via Renderosity, DAZ 3D, DDU, Poser Pros, 3D Commune as either Levanah or Art-Mystique

Freebie content provider for 3D and 2D stuff via this site and share CG, but have stopped modeling 3D meshes for a while now.

Obviously I am a published 3D artist. I think about 12 of my works made it unto or inside magazines, agendas, books. I don't charge wiccan/pagan authors for the usage but rather have a small donation to a charity of my choice preferably Waterloo Uncovered, IF they can. If they can't it is free of charge.

I work with Poser, DAZ Studio, Vue, Bryce, Carrara, Hexagon, Photoshop, PSP and many others. Most of these belong to DAZ 3D and if you get their Platinum Club membership their software costs a few bucks in special sales throughout the year! DAZ Studio is free. Buy your software on cyber monday also (the monday after the American thanksgiving) and it will often be less than 50 % of retail price!

I love everything old as in Victorian, Edwardian, etc...history, archeology, beautiful architecture,  industrial heritage and have a fondness for Egypt. My favourite place on earth nevertheless will always be Scotland, immediately followed by Glastonbury (especially Chalice Well Gardens). The region I live in within Luxembourg is the heart of our industrial revolution and if you are interested, you can read about it here.

I am quite a crazy woman though and conformity is not my forte as I feel we need to stand out from the crowd for the reasons we choose. Screw society and its rigid way of thinking and be other words be free and untamed! You would have to meet me to get the Levanah experience :-) and be very weary of my bubbly nature, coupled with a healthy dose of sarcasm and maybe the fear of not knowing what I will come up with next...yep ;-)

If now you want to know how digital art is created, I have written a small tutorial here and what is witchcraft eh? Follow me... This will lead to more info about the Craft as you go along (spirit guides, magical occurences, deities ...).

What inspires my art can be found here.

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