About the artist


This is only a short bio about the artistic side of things.  I am known as either Levanah or Artmystique, site dependant.


Artistically I started using Poser from version 3 onwards and the biggest software improvement came about with version 5 (It had shipped with a brand new material room back then which really improved art by quite a big margin as far as realism went.), which is also around the time I used to broker 3D content, mainly textures for the Vicky 2 - figures, as well as their clothes and hair.


I brokered via all major sites including Poser Pros, Renderosity, 3D Commune and DAZ.. Being a texturing artist back then was no easy feat as we didn't have all the modern tools to draw directly unto a 3D mesh, but worked solely on 2D seam guides. Things have improved massively since Photoshop allowed 3D mesh painting and Blacksmith 3D was yet another great improvement.


Around the same time, some of my artwork was published in both UK and US, but I later focused on the 3D modelling side of things whilst learning Hexagon. I offered quite a few freebies over the years, both as props and textures, but also had created some figures which were properly rigged using Poser. (Rigging is the act of giving a figure a skeleton in order to become movable).


I can truly say that I knew the ins and outs of Poser, its material room with its many nodes, the rigging process, the lighting and all required in order to really use it to its full potential. Sadly though Poser remained stuck in quite a bad way, whilst its major independent content creator DAZ went a different route with their figures and with Genesis 3 made Poser redundant as far as proper usage as intended was meant.  The Poser native figures never had the appeal and realism which is strived for within 3D and thus DAZ Studio became the more viable option.


I thus had to learn how to use DAZ Studio and left Poser with their latest version which we anyway (as a community) felt had been released in an at best beta state functionality, littered with bugs, which subsequently led to so many crashes that I swore it would be my last version ever.


The clash between both platforms also created a huge rift within the 3D art community from which it still has to recover, created rifts within DAZ as well and led to the creation of the Hivewire store. For us ex-vendors and community members as a whole it wasn't an easy time and it never quite got back to 'how it once was'.


I had short spells using other software like Bryce, Carrara as well as Vue Infinite, but my computers never quite managed to allow big renders due to lack of memory or insufficient hardware potential. You wouldn't believe the type of PC required to handle some of the scenes within these programs! Even for DAZ Studio, you require a good enough graphic card and quite a bit of processing power to make it really shine. Ideally you would use network rendering but I am not a pro and so....


So, yes, not a pro, but a mere hobbyist who enjoys being surrounded by her own artwork and thus have printed off, but also sell via Redbubble ... for fun because a living isn't easily possible as a 3D artist, or artist in general anyway....


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